Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Notice to the Landlords - Your responsibility

Notice to Landlords

We would like to remind everyone that as per Town of Faro Water and Sewer Bylaw 92-30, Section 906, the registered owner of the property shall be liable for all charges and fees with respect to that property.

If your tenant sets up W/S/R account and fails to make the payments, it is your responsibility to pay the charges. We are invoicing quarterly and the invoices are not due until the end of the quarter. Outstanding charges are subject to 10% penalty after 60 days from the due date and at that time we send a late payment notice which will be copied to you. By the time you hear from us, there may be 5 months of charges on the account. We therefore encourage the landlords to make sure their tenant is making the payments or to keep the account in their name and collect the fees from the tenant directly.

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